BOSQUE AZUL – the “blue forest” is a forest project in Costa Rica that combines reforestation, ecological agriculture and environmental education. With your donation you can actually do something for climate protection - every contribution counts!

Because the advancing climate change endangers life on our planet. Just a few facts already demonstrate the current emergency:

Abholzung im Regenwald

In just one minute an area as big as 3 soccer pitches full of rainforest gets destroyed.

klimaschädliches CO2

Every day, 99 million tons of climate-damaging CO2are emitted worldwide*.

*Information as of 2021

Erderwärmung durch Abholzung im Regenwald

It’s becoming increasingly likely to get a global warming of more than two degrees.

Tierarten-Vielfalt im Regenwald

Every day 150 animal species disappear permanently from our planet

Doing the important for the future

Aufforstung im Regenwald Costa Rica

The project Bosque Azul

Sustainable and social: Through reforestation of gras lands in Costa Rica we help both the climate and the local people.

Ziele des Waldprojekts bosque azul in Costa Rica

The goals of Bosque Azul

Holistic and integrative: reforestation, organic farming, environmental education and the promotion of local women's entrepreneurship accompany each other here.

Die Menschen hinter dem Projekt bosque azul in Costa Rica

The people behind Bosque Azul

Together we’ll achieve more: To ensure the sustainable success of the project, we cooperate with committed local partners.

Impressions Bosque Azul



Das Grundstück
Das Grundstück in Costa Rica
Das Grundstück, eine Rinderweide
Michael Hall am großen Baum
Blick nach oben
Monica bei sehr großen Bäumen
Baum mit vielen Wurzeln
Baum mit vielen Wurzeln
Plze wachsen am Baum
Palme mit roter Blüte
Monica im Regenwald Costa Rica
Monica leistet Nachbarschaftshilfe bei der Kaffee-Ernte
Michael leistet Nachbarschaftshilfe bei der Kaffee-Ernte
Projektarbeit im Regenwald Costa Rica
Foto der Las Mujeres den Bijagual
Monica und Michael

Depending on your help

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